South Carolina Flooding

Source: South Carolina flood damage, Oct 2015 | WikiMedia

Floods are one of the most common hazards in the United States, and may occur during any month of the year in South Carolina. A flood is defined when water overflows onto land that is normally dry. Not all floods are alike; they happen on different scales of space and time. The main types of floods are: Flash Floods, Urban Floods, River Floods and Area Floods.

South Carolina has experienced many floods during its recorded history. In August 1908, extensive flooding across the state caused rivers to rise up to 20 feet above flood stage. The remnants of Tropical Storm Marco and Hurricane Klaus merged with a stationary front to create flooding in October 1990. Heavy rains (15-20 inches) from Hurricane Floyd in September 1999 caused widespread flooding along the coast.

Did You Know?

Historic flooding impacted portions of South Carolina in October 2015. You can read through the interactive journal to learn more about this event.