Florida Citrus

Florida orange grove

Source: Wirepec/Bigstock.com

While lemons and limes are no longer commercially grown in Florida, there are a variety of grapefruits and oranges that remain the backbone of the Florida citrus industry. Some of the primary varieties grown in Florida are:

  • Hamlin Oranges - October to January, early season orange, sweet orange good to eat and for juicing
  • Navel Oranges - November to January, early season orange, yellow, bitter orange good to eat not for juicing
  • Valencia Oranges - March to July, late season orange, sweet orange mainly used for juicing but good to eat
  • Duncan Grapefruit - October to June, pale colored fruit, intense, less bitter; seedy
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit - October to May, pink tinted fruit, sour taste