Winter Weather

Annually, Kentucky experiences a plethora of winter storms and wintry precipitation events. The state is susceptible to blizzards, which are Intense winter storms with heavy snowfall, winds of at least 35 miles per hour and very low visibility.

Average annual amounts of snowfall totals vary across the state. Portions of the Mississippi Embayment and southwestern Kentucky can see around 6 inches, while the region of the Eastern Coal Fields can observe up to 24 inches of snow. Variations in snowfall occur both seasonally and from place to place, causing some locations to get more or less than their typical average amount of snowfall.

Did You Know?

The record amount of snowfall in a 24-hour period is 26 inches observed on March 3, 1942, Simers, KY (Pike County). The record snowfall depth for the state is 31 inches, which occurred in LaGrange, KY (LaGrange County) in January 1978.

Regardless of location, sub-zero temperatures are possible throughout the state during the winter months.