Ice Storms

Areas of the Southeast United States are susceptible to ice storms, including Kentucky. Ice storms are a type of winter storm that is caused by freezing rain. As snow falls, it encounters a warm layer of air in the middle of the atmosphere that turns it to rain. Before the rain hits the ground or the surface of an object, it encounters a very shallow layer of cold air that causes the rain to freeze on the cold exposed surfaces. The ice accumulates on trees, power lines, bridges, and roadways causing significant damage and dangerous driving conditions.

Source: Amannelle/Wikimedia

Did You Know?

In January 2009, the state of Kentucky endured one of the worst ice storms in the history of the Commonwealth. Up to 1.5 inches of ice accumulated on trees, power lines and roads, during a 48-hour period, leaving over 500,000 people without power for up to three weeks in the western portions of the state. The total cost of the damage from the ice storm was over $100 million.