Winter Weather

Pennsylvania annually experiences a plethora of winter storms and wintry precipitation events. Because of the state’s close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, coastal storms (called Nor’easters) tend to bring heavy snows to central and eastern Pennsylvania and are the primary contribution to annual snowfall in those areas. In addition, moisture from the Great Lakes provides the majority of the snow in western Pennsylvania, especially in coastal areas near Lake Erie and the western slopes of the Laurel Highlands in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Source: Normal Snowfall in Central PA | NWS | NOAA

Did You Know?

The record amount for snowfall in 24-Hour is 38", measured in Morgantown, PA on March 20, 1958. The most snow on the ground (snow depth) in Pennsylvania is 60" measured on March 22 and 23, 1958 in Gouldsboro, PA.