Drought is a part climate, just like hurricanes, thunderstorms, and tornadoes. Unlike the other hazards that affect the state, droughts can impact large areas and last for months, even years.

Drought is the lack of soil moisture over a period of time. This lack of moisture can be due to reduced precipitation, increased evaporation and/or transpiration, or higher temperatures. It can also be caused by a combination of all of these causes.

Georgia Drought Monitor

Source: U.S. Drought Monitor, Georgia | USDA

Did You Know?

The middle of the 1960’s was a very dry time in Pennsylvania. The summers of 1963-1966 were exceptionally dry, especially in the southeast, greatly affecting agricultural production. In fact, some locations measured less than two-thirds of their average precipitation for the 2-year period from August 1964-August 1966.