Ice Storms

Ice storms are a type of winter storm that is caused by freezing rain. As snow falls, it encounters a warm layer of air in the middle of the atmosphere that turns it to rain. Before the rain hits the ground or the surface of an object, it encounters a very shallow layer of cold air that causes the rain to freeze on the cold exposed surfaces. The ice accumulates on trees, power lines, bridges, and roadways causing significant damage and dangerous driving conditions.


Did You Know?

There have been many ice storms in Texas history. Parts of northwest Texas reported up to six inches of accumulated ices during January 1940. On New Year's Eve 1978, a winter storm produced ice accumulations up to 2 inches thick in a 100 mile-wide swath from just west of Waco to Paris, Texas. During another event, temperatures in Dallas dropped from 70˚F to below freezing overnight on March 3, 1989, and freezing rain to coated roadways in up to three inches of ice.